The Canadian Mining

Skills Registry

The Future of Mining Skills Development

The Mining Industry Human Resources Council (MiHR) offers a number of programs to help attract, recruit and develop a diverse, skilled, and safe Canadian mining workforce in support of the industry’s role in building a clean economy.

The Canadian Mining Skills Development Strategy (CMSDS) ensures that Canada’s mining workforce has the skills needed to safely and effectively do the jobs we rely on them for. By establishing and maintaining standards for these skills and how workers are trained and recognized, the CMSDS helps the Canadian mining industry stay aligned.



Developed by industry for industry to ensure common understanding of the skills, training and knowledge needed for specific occupations within the Canadian mining sector. Read more about our National Occupational Standards (NOS) and National Occupational Training Standards (NOTS) by clicking here


Aligned to the occupational skills and knowledge requirements to build an inclusive, skilled and sustainable Canadian mining workforce. Read more about our Essential Skills Training, Occupational Training and eLearning modules by clicking here


Provided through a work opportunity to individuals practicing recent and relevant occupational training to develop their skills for a safe and sustainable workforce. Read more about our Canadian Mining Work Placement Program (CMWP) by  clicking here


Provided through certification of workers and through recognition of employers and institution-based training programs. Read more about our Canadian Mining Certification Program (CMCP) and the Canadian Mining Training Recognition Program (CMTRP) by clicking here