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Skills Registry

The Future of Mining Skills Development


There is often a disconnect between the needs of mining employers and the skills taught by educational and training institutes. This disconnect often results in duplication of training efforts and employers taking on a much larger role in training, causing unique challenges for both employers and educators.

Essential Skills Training

Teaches the essential and work readiness skills which have been validated and deemed necessary by industry to gain employment in the mining sector.

Currently, MiHR offers two essential skills training opportunities:
  1. Mining Essentials; work readiness training for Indigenous peoples
  2. Mining Potential; essential and work readiness skills development for women, youth and newcomers.
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Occupational Training

Teaches the foundational and technical skills needed to be safe and effective in the mining industry in various occupations.

Effective occupational training in the mining industry has three critical components:
  1. In-class foundational training
  2. Hands-on, on the job training
  3. Work experience/placement to practice learnings.
MiHR’s training program packages include all the required training materials needed for successful in-class foundation training delivery, including a facilitator's guide, workbooks, PowerPoints, quizzes, handouts and resources.

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Common Competency Training:
MiHR’s Common Competency training focuses on the foundational tasks that are common across MiHR’s suite of seven (7) National Occupational Standards, which include Underground Miner, Surface Miner, Mineral Processing Operator, Diamond Driller, Hoist Operator, Front Line Supervisor and Industry Trainer. It trains learners in the areas of competency (safety, environment etc.) required for an entry level position in the Canadian mining industry.

Driller Training:
MiHR’s Diamond Driller training is aligned with both MiHR’s Diamond Driller National Occupational Training Standard and the Ontario Diamond Driller Common Core. It focuses on the skills and tasks industry has deemed required for Diamond Drillers to know to be proficient in their occupation.

Frontline Supervisor & Industry Training:
Teaches the skills and competencies required to develop, upskill and provide advancement opportunities to the existing workforce into the occupations of Frontline Supervisor and Industry Trainer.


Professional development and micro credentials for Canada’s mining industry.

MiHR currently offers 3 eLearning trainings relating to inclusion and diversity in the mining sector:
  1. Indigenous Awareness Training
  2. Gender Equity in Mining Works (GEM Works)
  3. Intercultural Awareness Training
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