Fill out the following form to apply for the Mining Potential program.  When you’re finished, submit this form to the associated training site. Someone from the training site will contact you to let you know if you have been selected for an interview.  If you have been selected, they will contact you using the information you have provided and will schedule a meeting at a date and time that is convenient to all.

 All information on your application form will be kept confidential.


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We want to know why you are applying to be part of the Mining Potential program. We ask that you write a short essay (approximately 300 words) explaining why you are applying for this program. You can write about this topic however you like, or you can use these questions to guide your thoughts: Why am I interested in the mining and exploration sector? What do I hope to learn from the Mining Potential Program? How will this experience improve things for me? What will keep me motivated to participate? What is the goal I want to achieve?

I understand that if my application is successful, I will be asked to participate in a pre and post assessment for essential skills gains as well as an evaluation of the program.