For each job description, please submit a separate application specifying the number of Work-Integrated Learning placements.
Is your organization Canadian-owned, a Canadian subsidiary, a post-secondary institution or non-profit organization?
* The supervisor's email will only be used to send e-learning training
Please provide a brief job description for the work‑integrated learning (WIL) opportunity, such as co‑ops, internships, field placements, applied projects, capstone projects or case competitions.
How many WIL placements did your company/site/ department offer last year?
How many WIL placements is your company/site/ department planning to offer this year?
Gearing Up was designed to help create new WIL opportunities (e.g. opportunities that wouldn’t exist without this funding). Is this WIL opportunity new?
What is the length of this proposed WIL? (in months)
Are the supervisor and the student participant for this position willing to take an online training module for Gender Equity in Mining (provided online by MiHR; approximately 20 minutes)?