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Mining Essentials:
A Work Readiness Training Program for Indigenous Peoples

A work readiness and essential skills training program for Indigenous peoples who are interested in mining careers. Mining Essentials provides industry-validated training delivered in partnership with employers, educators and communities to create employment opportunities.

Trained, qualified and dedicated!

Each delivery of Mining Essentials requires two trainers. At least one trainer must have industry experience, preferably as a trainer or supervisor, and the other must have a background in adult education/life skills training. Ideally, one of the trainers should be self-identified as Indigenous (Métis, First Nations, and Inuit). An ideal training team includes one male and one female trainer, both with positive attitudes, ability to flex the lessons to meet the diverse needs of the classroom and dedication to the success of each and every learner.

Mining Essentials trainers can be recruited directly by a Training Site for MiHR's approval or they can apply independently, becoming associated with an approved site at a later date. To apply independently, please contact the Registrar. Once approved, all trainers must attend the Program's Train the Trainer Workshop. Trainers are NOT permitted to deliver Mining Essentials without being associated with an approved Training Site.